Plant a Forest

Plant a Forest

Make an investment in your financial health and an investment in the health of the planet too.

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Plant a Forest

How It Works

With IMPACT, reforesting critical ecosystems and offsetting global carbon emissions is easy. For every $1,000 you deposit1 into your account, IMPACT will plant 25 trees (equivalent to one tree per $40).

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Open an Account

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Step 3
Deposit at least $1,000

For every $1,000 you deposit1, we plant 25 trees.*

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1. Or equivalent. Non-USD amounts are estimates based on current exchange rates.

*Funds must be in your IMPACT account for a minimum of 180 days before trees will be planted. This promotion is capped at 30,000 users with an aggregate maximum dollar amount of $900,000, both limits subject to change at IBKR's sole discretion.

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IMPACT and One Tree Planted

IMPACT x One Tree Planted

Plant a Forest is possible in partnership with One Tree Planted, a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization planting trees worldwide to combat climate change and deforestation. One Tree Planted partners with trusted reforestation organizations in North America, Latin America, Africa, and Asia.



Five years of drought, large-scale bark beetle infestation, and record-breaking wildfire seasons have seriously damaged the once-thriving majestic forests of California. One Tree Planted is working to reduce the impact of wildfires, protect the water supply, and improve the resilience of forests for generations to come.

Learn more at One Tree Planted.


Reduce the Impact of Wildfires

Help prevent wildfires in California from spreading catastrophically. Young, healthy forests can help suppress future wildfires and reduce the impact of smoke on public health.

Protect Water Supply

Two-thirds of California’s surface water supply comes from its mountainous forests. Improving the health of these headwater forests will make them more resilient to drought and long-term climate change.

Improve Forest Resilience

Planting trees in California will help create young, resilient forests that can absorb and recover from fire, drought, and insect outbreaks. Together we can save threatened local tree species like the Sugar Pine!


The Sierra Gorda Biosphere Reserve is one of the richest and most diverse ecosystems in Mexico, home to a variety of threatened species and migratory species. One Tree Planted is helping to improve environmental education, building community green areas, and raising environmental awareness to help ensure this area continues to thrive.

Learn more at One Tree Planted.


Environmental Education

With the participation of students and teachers, trees are being planted at community and school locations. All the school projects include environmental education for community members and students. The plantings increase civic participation, environmental responsibility and improve the scenic beauty of vacant spaces.

Community Green Areas

As part of this project, the Sierra Gorda population has been encouraged to establish community green areas by planting trees in community courts, chapels, and other recreational areas. This community action also generates social and civic participation, environmental responsibility, and improves scenic beauty.

Environmental Awareness

With the participation of children, youth, and adults in reforestation, the community will develop environmental awareness and feelings of respect and responsibility toward their environment. As a result of this project, the natural resources of Sierra Gorda’s communities will be enhanced and local people will understand that healthy forests help to mitigate climate change.

Côte d’Ivoire

Côte d’Ivoire was once covered with forest, but it’s lost more than 70% of its tree cover since 1960, largely due to the cocoa industry. Through its work in Côte d’Ivoire, One Tree Planted is empowering local communities, stabilizing the climate, and restoring soil health in the region.

Learn more at One Tree Planted.

Cote d'Ivoire

Empower Local Communities

Planting shade-dependent cacao provides a sustainable, diversified path to economic success and independence for local communities.

Stabilize Climate

Forests are an essential part of our planet’s carbon and water cycles. A fully grown tree can release hundreds of litres of water in one day! Healthy trees absorb carbon dioxide and keep the climate stable.

Restore Soil Health

Trees improve soil health by protecting it from wind and rain, absorbing water, and building stability with their root structures.


Despite the vital importance of India’s diverse forests for ecosystem services, wildlife and the livelihoods of millions of people, forests have been severely depleted across the country—most recently due to the explosion of economic and industrial growth. Through its work in India, One Tree Planted is improving food security, fighting climate change, and helping to prevent further deforestation.

Learn more at One Tree Planted.


Food Security

Planting fruit trees is an investment in the future of the environment and in healthy, sustainable food choices. Each tree we plant in India will provide at least $10 in food and nutrition each year, with a cumulative value of 5 million dollars garnered over the next 50-60 years.

Adapt to Climate Change

A mature tree can sequester up to 48 pounds of carbon per year. India suffers some of the worst air quality in the world, so planting trees is particularly useful in filtering and improving air quality. Trees actively help mitigate climate change as well through carbon sequestration.

Prevent Deforestation

According to scientists, India has lost 40% of its natural forest cover in the last 95 years. Driven by mining, agriculture and urbanization, this profound forest loss can be remedied by reforestation. Restoring forests will improve the lives of the estimated 275 million Indians that depend on them.

Let's Plant a Forest Together

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